Thursday, April 17, 2008


Just got up to pee and thought I'd update you all.

Life if fucking GREAT!!!!!

Work is goin real good. I quit fixing the wraps, and when they'd all lost their straps, the boss tried to give me shit about it. I just looked at him, said I'd fixed my share and it was someone elses turn. He was dumb enough to tell me I was the only girl there.

You all would have been proud of me for not up and telling him to fuck off right then. Instead I pointed at the new guy and said "He's enough of a pussy to qualify, I say it's his turn."

The boss hauled me into his office, where I figured he was going to yell at me. He busted out laughing though. Then told me he'd pay me a half day, once a month, if I'd keep the wraps fixed.

Good enough by me.


Renegade Evolution said...


i'm glad things are going good. keep givin' them hell.

Razor Mick said...


Oh hell, didn't I see somewhere something happened to you?

Shit, I have to check out your blog.

fuck, fuck, fuck.

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