Friday, February 22, 2008

Two More Days

Then I finally get a day off.

Not that I mind so much with this job. So far the only people I've had to deal with are the trainer (my boss) and his wife. Oh, and some of the people that own the horses here. They're almost all gay guys though.

I felt kinda bad for this one dude. He was this younger guy with one of the owners, and the owner just kind of left him hanging there. So I snagged him, and had him come along with me while I worked.

Gave me a pissy feeling towards this owner, and I'd liked the guy before.

So for all you rich pricks out there, here's a word of advice: You want the arm candy? You like fucking the young ones? Treat them like fucking human beings too. You'd be surprised how much more they'd do for you.

Either that, or you can just FUCK OFF!!!

Life in General

Yeah, I know I've been talking about this new job, and not much about the other shit in my life, but that's just it. There isn't a whole lot of other shit in my life right now.

I see Digger every day, the other guys a few times a week. More if we've got a gig.

We're not playing as much, since everyone is working now, and we're trying to settle into a new routine.

I rarely find strangers wandering around the house when I get up these days, and to be honest, I kind of miss that.

But what I miss most of all, and you all know this, is the sex.

Fuck, I need to get laid.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Some kind of Shit

Man, today I learned to do something I ain't all that thrilled about.

See these horses I'm working with are called Saddlebreds. They trot real fancy, holding their tails up while they do it.

I found out today how they get them to keep those tails up.

See, they've got this stuff that's a ginger salve. You dig a gob of it out of the jar, spit on it, then shove it up their ass. Yup. Up their ass.

I've had my fingers up a dude's ass, but this is a whole new ballgame.

Guess I don't really mind doing it, but damn it's something I'd never have imagined doing to a horse.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I'm Fucking AWAKE

At this fucked up hour of the morning.

And I don't mind.

Heading off to work shortly, but I wanted to tell you what I fucking found out yesterday. Horses have giant sized COCKS. Man, I learned how to wash the fucking thing. And when I say GIANT, I mean it's longer than my fucking arm!!!

Balls bigger than my fist.

Now SHUT THE FUCK UP all you out there that are thinkin I'm fucking turned on by this. NOT TURNED ON. Freaked. Amazed. But not the fuck turned on.

Just FUCK OFF!!!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

This Job ROCKS!!!

Okay, so I got me this job at a horse farm now. Show horses. And what I got to do is take care of them and get them ready for the trainer.

So far my days are pretty much mucking out stalls, grooming the horses, cleaning tack, putting the stuff on the horses and taking them out to the guy to ride. Then cooling them off, cleaning them up, and putting them back in their stalls.

A lot of them have shit they have to wear in their stalls like leg wraps or these wraps around their necks.

Then, when everything else is done, I feed them.

Then boss says come the warmer months there's shows that we'll be going to around the area.

And I fucking LOVE IT!!!!!!!

Saturday, February 9, 2008


God damn but my life is boring.

I do the lunch waitressing thing during the day, practice with the guys, play a gig or two, AND THAT'S MY FUCKING WEEK.

Oh, and get this, they deduct my pay if I break anything. Or if anyone skips out without paying. And I've gotta pay half for anything I eat or drink. I ain't sure it's worth it.

I need another job.